Meet Monica Stocker

Monica is a metalsmith who works in silver, gold, copper and brass.

Known as Mō to her friends, Monica started making jewelry early on. “While I was in school, I was making necklaces out of hemp and I just became inspired from that,” she says. She was studying technical writing in college, but quickly realized that it wasn’t for her. She began studying metalsmithing and making jewelry ever since. At times in her life, metalsmithing has been her focus. At other times, it has had to take a back seat to family priorities. But it has always been in her life.

Monica enjoys the solitude of her jewelry studio. “I am definitely an introvert,” she says. “Being in the jewelry studio is my time to sit and tinker. I need that creative outlet. I like working with my hands on small details. I think maybe it’s my way of shrinking my world down to this one little piece I’m working on. So instead of thinking about all the stresses of life, I can just focus on that one little thing. That time in the studio re-energizes me.”

Monica Stocker on the farm

She currently lives on a nearly 200-year-old farm in Ohio with her husband, children, and a growing collection of animals that includes a horse, two goats, two dogs, two cats, multiple chickens and a rooster.

Monica designs fun, minimalist jewelry. She loves the personal connection that she gets from making jewelry. “I love hearing people’s stories and creating something just for them,” she says. Learn more about Mō and her jewelry at

Beautiful day at the farm