How it began


Jenny's Story

Jenny is an artist, a mother, a connector and a community builder. She has been bringing people together to shop since she was 5, when she opened up a play store in her bedroom. “Everybody wanted to play shop at my house,” she says.

She grew up inspired by her grandmother, who painted beautiful pictures on any available surface, and her mother, who opened a store in a school to sell wooden toys and other beautiful items from Europe.

Jenny believes that everyone is creative and that creativity is a necessary escape from the pressures of everyday life. “I really feel that life can take us away from our creative mind and our creative spirit. But if life gets to be too much, if I feel overwhelmed, I go back to art and creating something. Just for me,” she says.

She originally opened The Belle on Cottage Hill as a brick and mortar shop in northwest Denver, where she lives with her two daughters. She is excited to share The Belle with the larger online community.

The Shop


Originally a brick and mortar shop in the Cottage Hill area of northwest Denver, The Belle on Cottage Hill is now online!

  • We’re excited to offer an eclectic selection of unique, handmade items and other treasures we’ve discovered.
  • We seek out, encourage and support artists near and far.
  • We love useful, creative, sustainable household goods.
  • We’ll be hosting pop-ups and other impromptu events in the Denver area so stay in touch!
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